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Floss Nicholls 
BA(Hons)with QTS

flossWORKSHOPart...a place to discover your love for creativity. 


The calm but creative purpose built art workshop based in Hellingly, East Sussex, displays a colourful array of mixed media art on the walls with a view to inspire you.  It has a large workbench to seat up to six persons around.  Here you can combine the many art mediums available as you explore the creativity offered. Aprons are provided (you can bring your own if you'd prefer).


Experience creative in-person mixed media art classes (for up to 6 persons). Sessions vary from 2 hours to a full day experience. During this time you will create individual art pieces, art pieces in series, work in journals or create journals depending on which course or class you attend.


Floss is an intuitive Mixed Media Artist who adores layers and textures...she loved art from a very young age and could always be found engaged with something creative, or exploring how things worked, which in turn led her into to teaching Design Technology, Art, and Textiles so that she could share her enthusiasm with young prep school aged students through to and including GCSE students for many years.  Floss is a fully qualified teacher and is DRB checked. She has a love for the outdoors and exercise as well as a passion for sharing her Mixed Media techniques and creative workshop space with both adults and young people.


No experience is necessary to attend the workshop (unless specified) and all abilities are very welcome including absolute beginners or those who lack confidence.  All techniques are fully demonstrated and everyone's pace can be catered for. Please do ping Floss an email if you have any questions or concerns. 


Mixed media can use many techniques and a multitude of materials on the same piece. Textures and building layers using printing, collage, stamping and stenciling using acrylics and/or inks, and stitching are not only fun to explore but have endless possible outcomes.  Many workshops/classes and combination of materials or techniques are regularly listed and more fully explained in the classes section.  Mixed media allows for so much scope to "play" that time flies and you lose yourself in the moment; a little time for you...a space to explore creativity but also to let go/unwind from daily issues. 

Art can definitely balance a busy lifestyle and help you manage stress levels/anxiety. 

You can see Floss' own art journey on both Instagram and Facebook (including video's of her processes). She is currently part of the PaperArtsy creative team where she blogs about different materials and mixed media art processes.  Most of Floss' Art is available to buy from her 'shop' tab on the website or in person at the workshop.

Tea, coffee or herbal tea is part of the session.



Mixed Media

Mixed media classes are designed to engage you in intuitive art processes. Each class is aimed at all abilities (unless specified) and are taught in a very relaxed atmosphere in the purpose built workshop. Absolute beginners are very welcome. The focus is on exploring and enjoying the variety of methods available and chatting with other like minded persons as you create. Typically you will be using a variety of techniques in one session which may include a mixture of collaging, stencilling, rubber stamping, gel plate printing, embossing and stitching (depending on the session you choose).  By using a whole range of mediums and techniques on one piece it can create more depth, texture and interest in your multi layered piece of art. 

Please note the booking window will close 48 hrs before the class is due to start

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Creative Wellness 


Creative wellness through art can be helpful for your overall wellbeing. These courses will allow you to block book a given number of sessions where you will be in the same group of no more than six for the duration. I am currently offering two courses; Self Care Journal and Take Care Tags. Both courses will use mixed media techniques but will focus on allowing you to unwind from whatever emotion you are caught up in. By introducing you to a few art methods within a safe space, sessions should bring you a calm and clear mind finding a way to enjoy new things and make good choices that are in tune with what your mind and body need. Sessions will help you to focus on the moment.


Handmade bespoke art journals are also available to buy at the workshop.

There is a waiting list for commissioned art journals. Please email me with colour and date requirements.

Art Journal

Art Journal...

Start or continue your mixed media journey with making your own journal... or make one as a gift to give to someone special. 


Handmade books and journals are something to be treasured.


Yours will be created using your own favourite colours and choice of designs.  Enjoy designing the cover, hand printing papers, adding design accents to pages, using art, recycled, repurposed papers or envelopes, card and/or fabrics to give interest to each page then binding it all together to make yourself (or give as a beautiful gift for someone) a really unique journal. Use it for your art, bullet or daily journalling, jot down your self care affirmations or use it as somewhere to glue things into that make you smile. All techniques are fully demostrated and no experience is necessary 

Paint Brushes

Creative Parties for up to 6 persons

Whatever you are celebrating...why not celebrate with something creative? 

Contact me via email to discuss details and date of your party. A 20% group discount is available when booking 6 spaces together.

left handed.JPG
Design Sketch Desktop

Handwriting Guidance: next available...Easter hols 

Handwriting seems to be something that is sadly becoming less important due to the use of computers, tablets, smart phones, texting and keyboards... however...

Exams are still handwritten and if an examiner cannot read your handwriting, regardless of whether the answer is correct or not, it will get marked wrong! Maybe you are worried about your child's handwriting? or Is it you who would like to improve your handwriting? Maybe you won't be sitting exams but it's still rather lovely to receive a card with beautiful handwriting inside...

If you'd like some writing guidance, with a little creativity thrown in, click on the link to enrol in the next available course. Please contact me if you'd like your child to receive handwriting guidance before the next available date. 30 minute slots can be arranged with notice. 

The Workshop


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