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Please contact me if you are interested in Handwriting "in person" classes as they can be arranged to suit your needs. Most will run during school holidays as they are generally aimed at school ages. Adult handwriting can also be arranged.

Please contact me if you are interested to arrange convenient times.

Handwriting Guidance Course
6 x 30mins sessions 

A series of handwriting guidance lessons include tips on how to improve legibility and focus on consistency in letter formation.


Creativity and art is also used to as part of the learning experience and incorporated to make it more interesting for the younger person.

Personal evaluation and feedback assessment of current handwriting

This can be done in person or via an email.  Your handwriting will be evaluated for legibility, letter consistency and formation.  Written feedback will be given constructively with advice  for your needs and approximate sessions needed.  

Zoom meeting for individual guidance

Not currently available

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