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Bottle master board

Happy New Year to you all...I hope that you had some quality time off with friends and or family over the festive period and that your promise to yourself for 2024 is to have more time to create! I am finally fulfilling my aim to blog here and add some interesting things onto my website for you to be able to play along with or read in your own here may have seen this image on my social media started as a master board...let me take you on it's journey...

Happy New Year from flossWORKSHOPart

Add collage and washi to a heavy-ish weight of paper or light card. I used 250gsm cartridge paper here. Cover the whole surface of the page...I used a combination of gel printed papers, collage fodder, washi tapes and tissue papers that I had stamped and pasted them down with Mod Podge.

Collage and washi tapes

Use a piece of scrap card to create a bottle shape and cut the aperture out. Draw through the window tesselate the bottle shape to maximise the amount of bottles you can get out of one piece.

Cut all the bottles out...I think I managed to get 17 out of one A3 collaged master board...

For the background behind the bottle I used blank greetings cards. I glued very minimal collage onto the surface and added gesso to mute some areas.

Whilst that was drying I made bottle labels, tags and bottle tops. The bottle labels were metallic tissue paper glued onto left over packing paper, the gift labels made from white 250gsm card and hand written and the bottle tops were stripped corrugated card that was rough painted with gesso and the edges inked. I wrapped the labels around the neck of the bottles using a natural thin string.

Before gluing the bottle onto the card I stencilled some spots and doodled around them...

It's a fun little project...if you have a go please tag me on any of your social media sites so I can see what you do...alternatively paste your images below in the thread...if you fancy this as an in-person workshop here with me where you will have access to a wealth collage papers and washi tapes...let me know and I'll create one for you to book into.

Happy creating,

floss x

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