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More Gel Plate Printing

2 hours...Some gel printing experience needed

  • 25 British pounds
  • Danecroft Place

Workshop Details

Explore further methods to maximise your gel plate creativity. Gel plate printing is just so much fun; in this session you will experience further ways to print by exploring image transfers, cut stencil layering and using alcohol inks onto a variety of papers. You will be focussing on how to build layers and create textures using similar processes as the gel printing workshop using inks, and acrylic paints with stencils, stamps and found materials. These extra processes will also bring endless 'ooohh moments' each time you pull the image! The processes will also allow you to transfer these skills to other projects you may already do. You will take home a variety of prints which you can use as a great starting point in your art as backgrounds, collage fodder papers to cut and collage with, to add to or use as journal pages, or to be made into envelopes or gift boxes to mention just a few ideas. All materials will be included and techniques fully demonstrated. Although if you do have any "High Gloss" magazines these will be helpful to bring along. eg Vogue. All abilities are very welcome but some experience is necessary for this workshop... Please wear old clothes as printing can be messy. Aprons are provided; or you can bring your own if you'd p