Mixed Media and/or Creative Wellness


By using a whole range of mediums and techniques on one piece it creates more depth, texture and interest in a multi layered piece of art. The mixed media and creative wellness classes are designed to engage you in intuitive art processes. Each class is aimed at all abilities (unless specified) and are taught in a very relaxed atmosphere where the focus is on exploring and enjoying the variety of methods, then leaving with a feeling of calm and of course, a sense of achievement with the art that you've produced.  More information can be found on the online bookings page where each session is explained in more detail.

Please contact me if you have any questions 

Creative wellness and Art can be helpful for your overall wellbeing.

Art Journal

Ready made journals and commissioned bespoke journals are also available to buy. There is a waiting list for commissioned journals.

Journal Workshops

Handmade books are all individually created using hand printed papers, plain or art papers, recycled/repurposed papers or envelopes, card or fabrics.  A combination of these make a really unique journal to use for your art/bullet/daily journalling, or self care affirmations etc. Different style journal classes available   


Start or continue your mixed media journey with making your own journal... or make one as a gift for someone special. 

Design Sketch Desktop
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Handwriting Guidance

Handwriting seems to be something that is sadly becoming less important due to the use of computers, tablets, smart phones, texting and keyboards... however...


Exams are still handwritten and if an examiner cannot read your handwriting, regardless of whether the answer is correct or not, it will get marked wrong! Maybe you are worried about your child's handwriting? or Is it you who would like to improve your handwriting? Maybe you won't be sitting exams but it's still rather lovely to receive a card with beautiful handwriting inside...

If you'd like some writing guidance, with a little creativity thrown in, then you may wish to consider clicking on the link to enrol in the next available course. 

Paint Brushes

Creative Parties

Whatever you are celebrating...why not celebrate with something creative? 


Contact me via email to discuss details of your party.